Budgets – not a dirty word!

Yes, I don’t post very much.
That’s because I stay busy working instead of playing on the web.
That means when you engage our services you get what you pay for, hard work.

One service we believe is rarely utilized is BUDGETING.
Many people are unaware of how to budget and others view it as a negative – a restriction.
We believe a true budget is FREEDOM – and will enable you to direct your money to where you want it.

You may not have a need for many of our services, but what about the periodic need for budget guidance, development, help, or analysis, for business or personal budgets. If we can help with this, let us know.

New Year

2015… once again an opportunity to start writing the wrong year on every check, note, memo…
And another chance to look back and wonder where in the world 2014 went and how fast time flies as we age.

But more importantly for our purposes, January brings a chance for everyone to start gathering their 2014 paperwork for wrapping up the books and prepping for tax returns.
If you need a good CPA in the Grand Rapids area to help you with your returns, we’ll be glad to help.
If you need help polishing the books and getting them ready for the CPA, give us a shout.
If you weren’t able to keep up the books in 2014, and the finances overwhelmed you, resolve in 2015 to engage services like ours to stay on top of it.

Happy 2015.

Freedom…never free…oft taken for granted…always the human spirit!

We just celebrated Independence Day for America…something that perhaps not in the too distant future we may not have. We too often take it for granted and forget the price that it cost to bring it originally, to secure it through many struggles over the centuries and through generations of great people, or to keep it. It has never been free and much of our current world shows that even today. There is a cost to have freedom, and it is too often red. May we never forget our brave men & women of the Armed Forces or Founding Fathers or the Pilgrims and others who braved much for the concept before it was formed.
America is free only because of the brave. Thank you.

But no matter where tyranny arises and no matter how long it lasts (years, decades, or centuries), the human spirit always strives for freedom. It is built into us, both in an original fallen nature that yearns to say – “I want to be free & independent”, and I think in an original unfallen aspect that says to us – “I wasn’t born to serve others or live under tyranny, I was created to serve One King freely & happily in a joyous relationship”.

May that freedom, which also cost much in red, also be recognized & never taken for granted.

Pretty & Ugly

What’s pretty right now? The start of the color changes in Michigan leaves. Michigan is one of the best states in the country to experience all 4 seasons (sometimes all on the same day!). We have begun seeing the color change, and our states trees will unveil some great color shows as we again get to experience the beauty of the creation by our awesome Creator God.

What’s ugly right now? The government shut-down and the debt ceiling issues. Pulled as usual into a bi-partisan bickering session instead of a practical fiscally responsible look at how to handle money. Because of what we’ve allowed our country to become over decades, it becomes a tangled mess that quickly becomes complicated, but it should be so simple. If you don’t have $, you don’t spend it. If you are deep in debt you don’t pass laws to allow yourself to spend deeper into debt. You live within your means. But neither side ever really sees that and tackles it that way. Oh joy to see what they’ll do.

Prayers for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing

I don’t mean that lightly; those who truly believe in God should pray that people who encounter such a tragedy in their lives (or those within their family or close friends) find the comfort and peace that only God can bring. We may not know anyone who was injured or killed or even present, but they are people who God loves, so we love them, too.

I found it interesting watching the video from the finish line; as the explosions went off, people ran screaming, scared, confused, and maybe injured. I don’t blame them – we all would. People ran in all directions and were rightfully scared and wanted to get out of there.

But there was Boston’s finest – kudos Boston PD – running TOWARD the danger.
They didn’t know if more bombs would go off.
They didn’t know if it was an ambush (it’s happened recently!).
They didn’t know what it held, but as others ran AWAY from the danger zone, Boston Police ran toward it.
Then Boston Fire and Paramedics. And I even saw brave service men from our Armed Forces (I believe National Guard) also RUNNING toward the scene to assist.

I am proud of these who are willing to risk their own lives for the sake of others, and I applaud you.

This happens often in our scary world, and we don’t even realize how many times. Thank you to the emergency services personnel of all stripes and armed forces personnel who cover us, help us, and risk it all to do so. I’ll be proud to fight alongside you when anyone from anywhere tries to terrorize, attack, or otherwise take our freedoms, granted USA rights, or our inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

March Madness

Not basketball – taxes.
Corporate tax due date in 11 days, personal tax due date coming up in just over a month, with plenty of people having headed into the year with no idea what taxes would hold, when forms would be available, and when filing could happen. The IRS promised delaying any furloughs due to the sequester to keep their obligations rolling till summer, so that’s a relief, but I’m not even sure the government knows what’s happening next, so March Madness seems appropriate.

Don’t let those taxes (and the uncertainties) get you mad, and don’t let a fly by night few month tax operation get you frustrated either. Engage a true tax professional who looks at your bigger picture to get it right to prepare your taxes as frustration free as possible. If you need advice on locating the right CPA, give me a shout.

2013 is moving onward…

Michigan has been hammered with the snow lately and the calendar shows no mercy in moving onward either.

I hope you were timely in filing 1099’s and having a budget ready to meet the new year.
If you are still unsure where all that money went in 2012 and baffled as to how to analyze the financial data, give me a call.
If you aren’t sure how to tackle the business taxes that will be due soon, especially with various government changes, I know a great CPA to help you.
If your family finances are a mess and your $ tells you where it goes instead of vice-versa, let me be a help to you. Call today!

1099s… budgets… W4s… W2s… oh boy

As we enter 2013,
are you ready to push out 1099’s? Do you have the data, know who you’re producing them for, and know how you’re getting them out on time?

Are you ready with a 2013 budget that’s realistic?
Are you looking back at your 2012 budget to compare actual to budgeted and see where you may have busted the bank?
Is someone out there reading this saying – what’s a budget?

A new year also gives a great chance to work with your employees and see if they feel their tax withholding has been at the right level. As they assess their W2 – – you did work on those, too, correct? – – and prepare their taxes, they may find they should change them for this next year. We won’t know the true tax impact on their paychecks yet – thanks a lot federal government – but it still should be assessed soon.

I’d love to help you start working on all this and getting those books in order! Contact me.