Pretty & Ugly

What’s pretty right now? The start of the color changes in Michigan leaves. Michigan is one of the best states in the country to experience all 4 seasons (sometimes all on the same day!). We have begun seeing the color change, and our states trees will unveil some great color shows as we again get to experience the beauty of the creation by our awesome Creator God.

What’s ugly right now? The government shut-down and the debt ceiling issues. Pulled as usual into a bi-partisan bickering session instead of a practical fiscally responsible look at how to handle money. Because of what we’ve allowed our country to become over decades, it becomes a tangled mess that quickly becomes complicated, but it should be so simple. If you don’t have $, you don’t spend it. If you are deep in debt you don’t pass laws to allow yourself to spend deeper into debt. You live within your means. But neither side ever really sees that and tackles it that way. Oh joy to see what they’ll do.