1099s… budgets… W4s… W2s… oh boy

As we enter 2013,
are you ready to push out 1099’s? Do you have the data, know who you’re producing them for, and know how you’re getting them out on time?

Are you ready with a 2013 budget that’s realistic?
Are you looking back at your 2012 budget to compare actual to budgeted and see where you may have busted the bank?
Is someone out there reading this saying – what’s a budget?

A new year also gives a great chance to work with your employees and see if they feel their tax withholding has been at the right level. As they assess their W2 – – you did work on those, too, correct? – – and prepare their taxes, they may find they should change them for this next year. We won’t know the true tax impact on their paychecks yet – thanks a lot federal government – but it still should be assessed soon.

I’d love to help you start working on all this and getting those books in order! Contact me.