Prayers for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing

I don’t mean that lightly; those who truly believe in God should pray that people who encounter such a tragedy in their lives (or those within their family or close friends) find the comfort and peace that only God can bring. We may not know anyone who was injured or killed or even present, but they are people who God loves, so we love them, too.

I found it interesting watching the video from the finish line; as the explosions went off, people ran screaming, scared, confused, and maybe injured. I don’t blame them – we all would. People ran in all directions and were rightfully scared and wanted to get out of there.

But there was Boston’s finest – kudos Boston PD – running TOWARD the danger.
They didn’t know if more bombs would go off.
They didn’t know if it was an ambush (it’s happened recently!).
They didn’t know what it held, but as others ran AWAY from the danger zone, Boston Police ran toward it.
Then Boston Fire and Paramedics. And I even saw brave service men from our Armed Forces (I believe National Guard) also RUNNING toward the scene to assist.

I am proud of these who are willing to risk their own lives for the sake of others, and I applaud you.

This happens often in our scary world, and we don’t even realize how many times. Thank you to the emergency services personnel of all stripes and armed forces personnel who cover us, help us, and risk it all to do so. I’ll be proud to fight alongside you when anyone from anywhere tries to terrorize, attack, or otherwise take our freedoms, granted USA rights, or our inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.