Freedom…never free…oft taken for granted…always the human spirit!

We just celebrated Independence Day for America…something that perhaps not in the too distant future we may not have. We too often take it for granted and forget the price that it cost to bring it originally, to secure it through many struggles over the centuries and through generations of great people, or to keep it. It has never been free and much of our current world shows that even today. There is a cost to have freedom, and it is too often red. May we never forget our brave men & women of the Armed Forces or Founding Fathers or the Pilgrims and others who braved much for the concept before it was formed.
America is free only because of the brave. Thank you.

But no matter where tyranny arises and no matter how long it lasts (years, decades, or centuries), the human spirit always strives for freedom. It is built into us, both in an original fallen nature that yearns to say – “I want to be free & independent”, and I think in an original unfallen aspect that says to us – “I wasn’t born to serve others or live under tyranny, I was created to serve One King freely & happily in a joyous relationship”.

May that freedom, which also cost much in red, also be recognized & never taken for granted.